self love

  • I Love My Self, I’m Worth A Lot

    … Don’t say I’m not, you can’t see inside of me!

    Did you ever sing that song at school or camp? I remember singing that song everyday at Vacation Bible School as a kid. I can only remember that one line from the song but after a quick search on google, I learned that the song is called the Self Worth Song.

    The Self-Worth Song

    I’m proud, I’m strong, I’m ready for whatever comes along.

    I’ve got good friends, we’ll stick together till the end.

    I like myself! I’m worth a lot! I like myself! I’m worth a lot!

    And don’t you tell me that I’m not ‘cause you can’t see inside of me.


    The song is geared towards kids and apparently popular at summer camps across the United States. It’s great way to get them singing and chanting affirmations to build them up.

    I think as a new parent this song can be so empowering. Becoming a new mom and parenting a newborn baby can lead you to question every shred of self confidence you have within yourself. You will question if having a baby was the right choice, if you will ever sleep for more than 2 hours at a time again, if you are truly capable of being this baby’s parent, are you a bad parent for doing or not doing something. You will feel alone and isolated at times.

    When you start to feel really low like you can’t go on another second, sing or chant these words to yourself or loud and proud*.

    Internalize it. Know that the words are true and meaningful.

    You are strong, you are a good parent. You CAN handle whatever life and your new baby throw your way.

    You have a strong support network. You have people who love you and are ready to support you in whatever way you ask.  And just like they are there for you now, you will do the same for them when they are having a baby.

    You are worthy. You are worthy of love. From other but most importantly from yourself.

    And you don’t hear the words of anyone or anything making you question if you are worthy because they don’t know your story or your journey.

    *Of course there are some silly hand gestures to go along with the words but that’s totally up to you if you want to add that on.


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  • Happy Mother’s Day

    mothersdayTo all of the beautiful women who call themselves mother, I want to wish you a happy day. Today is about celebrating the mother’s in our lives. That of course means different things for different people. So whether you were showered with love and appreciation or if today’s celebrations fell short of even the tiniest of expectations. If today was tough because you’re missing your mom or perhaps don’t want your mom in your life.   I want you to know that I hear you and I see you. And I appreciate you. I appreciate all that you do and all that you sacrifice in your role as a mother. Thank you.

  • Postpartum Self Care

    Hey there lovely,

    Have you been pampered today? Are you a newly postpartum mother or one approaching toddlerhood? Either way you deserve some special attention today and I know just the person to provide it…. YOU! That’s right you. I mean .I know it may sound crazy. You spend 110% of your day giving to and caring for and attending to the needs of this tiny person, how can you possible find it within you to pamper yourself. I’ve got to be honest with you, mama, in this day and age you have to be able to rely on and take care of yourself before you can take care of and have others rely on you.

    Here are 6 simple ways you can take a quick moment to rejuvenate your spirit:

    1. Brew a nice large cup of quality herbal tea and enjoy while baby is napping.

    2. Pay attention to you nutrition. While baby is napping, put together some quick healthy snacks for the next couple of days. Eat them while feeding baby.

    3. Take 5-15 moments of quiet meditation. Try to still your thoughts and focus on the moment. Don’t worry if you get distracted just start over.

    4. Read a book, watch a favorite TV show or movie, especially something that will make you smile.

    5. Take a luxurious bath. Can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Start with a favorite scented candle and go from there.

    6. Ask for help when you need it! Don’t martyr yourself or try to be supermom/ superdad. Society today expects you to do it all as a new mom, but moms and dads that have been there done that know that you really CAN’T do it all alone, if you want  to preserve your sanity.


    So there you have it lovely! If you try any of these ideas, let me know about your experience.

    Until next time!