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  • How to Find a Postpartum Doula Near You

    As a mother and a postpartum doula, I firmly believe that you and any woman giving birth deserves unbiased, practical postpartum support in the comfort of you home. And I’d be willing to bet that you and any birthing woman would agree.

    Unfortunately, it’s not so simple to just believe that every family should have access to a postpartum doula. You need to know what exactly a postpartum doula does and how to find them near you.

    Where does one even start when looking for a postpartum doula?

    Google Search:

    First you are going to do a google search for postpartum doulas in your city. My favorite search term is “postpartum doula in Bowie Maryland.” Just switch out my city and state for yours. Check the first 3 pages for doulas near your city and write down the information for any doulas that interest you.

    Ask Around:

    Now its time to get some personal referrals.

    Ask family or friends if they have worked with a doula or know anyone else who has.  This is a great way to get uncensored, real-talk, experiences about working with a postpartum doula.

    Ask your OB/GYN if they can recommend professional support for you based on your needs. Your OB/GYN may have more knowledge working with birth doulas who provide labor support but they should be able to point you in the right direction.

    Ask other providers who lead parenting classes, play groups, and provide breastfeeding support. Leaders of national groups like La Leche League and Moms of Multiples might also be able to help. These professionals usually have a large network or family related resources.

    Doula Directories:

    Now, that you’ve asked around and gotten ideas from friends, family and local professionals its time to take our search back to the internet. Online directories are a great way to find local doulas who are available around your due date or who have specializations like experience working with multiples or being LGBTQ friendly.

    Two of my favorite websites for finding local birth and postpartum professionals are:

    • SistaMidwife Productions, LLC.  – search for black midwives, doulas and other birth professionals by State
    • – search for birth doulas, postpartum doulas and childbirth education by due date and zip code. You can also narrow down the search by specialization and other services offered.
    • There are also several other website that list doulas. Check them out here.

    Birth Networks:

    Another great place to find caring birth professionals are area birth networks like the Maryland Birth Network and the DC- based Birth Options Alliance.

    Social Media:

    Last but not least, we take our search to social media. Social media is a great way to find postpartum doulas that are active and to see how they interact with moms like you. Social media is also a great place to find reviews and feedback on a particular postpartum doula. To search for a postpartum doula near you, can try searching hashtags like #marylanddoula or #marylandpostpartumdoula but with your state  (or city) in place of mine

    • Facebook– Hit the search bar and try searching for phrases like “Maryland postpartum doula.” Narrow your search by selecting Pages or Places. There may be a lot to sift through but you can also read reviews to help weed out the doulas who may not be a good fit.
    • Instagram– Search Places and enter your city. Or try searching a hashtag like #marylandpostpartumdoula  but with your state in place of mine. When you find a postpartum doula you think you might connect with scroll through their feed to get a better feel for their style. Check to see if they are on any other social media platforms to get a broader sense of their service offerings.


    Finding a postpartum doula can be a confusing process. Keep your search focused by including your city and/ or state in your search terms. If you aren’t having much luck, try searching neighboring cities, your county or you closest metropolitan area.

    And if ALL else fails reach out to a postpartum doula like me and ask if they can help you find someone who works in your area.

  • It’s Soup Season

    In my house, November means soup time. I kicked off a cold (and then really warm) Maryland November this year with my go to quick and easy chicken noodle soup. I love experimenting with different broths and loading up on the veggies. That doesn’t mean I’m not eager to try out some new recipes for my family and clients.

    Here are some tasty looking recipes that will provide you with a nutritious boost as you recovery from labor and delivery (or any time really!)

    30 Minute Vegetarian Lentil Soup with Wilted Greens

    Postpartum Lentil Soup

    Mushroom and Wild Rice Soup

    Barley Stew

    The awesome thing about soup is that you can make a huge batch ahead of time. You can even freeze it in smaller portions that will reheat in a snap.

    Do you have a favorite soup recipe?

  • Postpartum Self Care

    Hey there lovely,

    Have you been pampered today? Are you a newly postpartum mother or one approaching toddlerhood? Either way you deserve some special attention today and I know just the person to provide it…. YOU! That’s right you. I mean .I know it may sound crazy. You spend 110% of your day giving to and caring for and attending to the needs of this tiny person, how can you possible find it within you to pamper yourself. I’ve got to be honest with you, mama, in this day and age you have to be able to rely on and take care of yourself before you can take care of and have others rely on you.

    Here are 6 simple ways you can take a quick moment to rejuvenate your spirit:

    1. Brew a nice large cup of quality herbal tea and enjoy while baby is napping.

    2. Pay attention to you nutrition. While baby is napping, put together some quick healthy snacks for the next couple of days. Eat them while feeding baby.

    3. Take 5-15 moments of quiet meditation. Try to still your thoughts and focus on the moment. Don’t worry if you get distracted just start over.

    4. Read a book, watch a favorite TV show or movie, especially something that will make you smile.

    5. Take a luxurious bath. Can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Start with a favorite scented candle and go from there.

    6. Ask for help when you need it! Don’t martyr yourself or try to be supermom/ superdad. Society today expects you to do it all as a new mom, but moms and dads that have been there done that know that you really CAN’T do it all alone, if you want  to preserve your sanity.


    So there you have it lovely! If you try any of these ideas, let me know about your experience.

    Until next time!