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How To Care for A Newborn Mother 
The premier postpartum education course. Perfect for expectant couples, postpartum parents, grandparents, and all caregivers of a motherandbaby.

Postpartum Prep Workshop
Topics can include but are not limited to:
(all topics have one or more fun projects to complete)
Finding Your Support Network
Normal Postpartum Recovery
Newborn Nursery Prep
Navigating Baby Gear
Baby Registry: What do I really need?
Preparing my home for breastfeeding
Pregnancy and Postpartum Nutrition
Stocking the Fridge: Lets make some meals
Keeping Older Siblings Close
Helping My Pet get used to the baby
Relationships/ Intimacy/ Sex after birth

Pampering Services:

Belly Casting
Preserve the memory of the amazing changes your body went through to bring your precious baby in to the world. Includes: Supplies, sanding and optional ribbon attachment for mounting. Custom artwork can also be added for an additional cost.

Postpartum Belly Binding
Pamper your muscles, skin and the rest of your body after all of the hard work they put in growing and birthing your baby. African inspired belly binding helps support the spine and hold the midsection in tight in order to support postpartum healing and recovery.

Mother Blessing Planning / Facilitator
Surround yourself with the wisdom and embrace of the women and mothers you admire most in a ceremony that honors you, the mother to be on your new path. This intimate and ancient tradition serves as a rites of passage that will help you find strength and confidence as a new parent.

Planning- One 2-hour planning consultation (phone or in-person) to brainstorm ideas, decide on guest list, activities, food options, and more
Creation of list of activities and items needed
Personalized email invitations for everyone on your guest list

Facilitator– all of the planning services listed above, plus:
Ongoing communication with host and guests
Purchase of all items on item list (I will provide receipt for you to reimburse)
Set-up prior to ceremony
Beautiful printed programs for attendees
Personal facilitating of ceremony and all activities (4 hours attendance)
Introductions and explaining what a Mother Blessing is to guests
Creating sacred space, and closing sacred space at the end of the ceremony

Facilitator Plus– all of the above plus choose from:
Henna from Mom to be
Henna for Mom to be and all guests
Professional photography