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The placenta is a  mysterious and amazing organ. It is an organ like a kidney or liver yet, it is the only organ grown and  discarded by the human body.

Its main purpose is to support and sustain the growth of your baby during pregnancy.

Placenta encapsulation can support postpartum recovery by restoring the hormones and nutrients that are lost during childbirth.

The Prima Postpartum Way:

My clients can depend on me to provide services that are respectful of their home, family and placenta.

I will process your placenta in your home for  peace of mind and handle your placenta with care and respect

I follow strict hygiene and safety protocols and have received blood borne pathogen training.

I am trained to process your placenta using a Traditional Method as well as a slightly different High Yield method.


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Placenta Products

Placenta Capsules: The placenta is prepared using a method based in Traditional Chinese Medicine, steamed, or high yield. After thoroughly cleaning the placenta, the placenta is prepared for processing. With the steam method the placenta is steamed with organic lemon and ginger. It is then sliced and placed in the dehydrator to remove moisture and prepare the placenta for grinding. Once completely dehydrated, the placenta is then ground into a fine powder and placed in size 0 capsules. Flavored and/or vegan capsules available.

Smoothie: I will prepare a delicious, nurturing smoothie that includes a small piece of placenta for you to enjoy immediately following giving birth (and some for later). When possible, I will use organic and or local fruits and veggies.

Frozen Cubes: a medium sized piece of placenta is ground and placed into small sized freezer molds. Once frozen, you can use them whenever you chose to give an added boost to a smoothie or meal.

Tincture: a small piece of placenta is steeped in 100 proof vodka and hand swirled daily for 6 weeks creating a gentle infusion that can be used even after your capsules are gone.

Salve: a nurturing blend of butters, oils and placenta powder is created. It can be used on the postpartum body or to soothe any skin irritation.

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