Doula Care

If you are preparing to become parent to a newborn baby you are in the right place!

Imagine bringing your new baby home…

asianfamilyWhen you get there, someone has prepared a delicious meal for you and your family, she even made enough to freeze for later. This person also helps you unpack your bags and unpacks baby’s things and helps stock the nursery.

As you settle in to feed your new baby, this person brings you a healthy, easy to eat snack and a big glass of water. While you feed your baby, this nurturing helper gets a load of laundry going and takes care of the dishes in the sink.

This person also holds and entertains baby while you take a much needed shower and/ or nap. When you have questions about your newborns appearance or behavior, this person is a well of knowledge on all things newborns and postpartum recovery

Who is this person?! She must be magical!! She is the kind of magic that mothers the mother. She is a postpartum doula!  And she is here to support you!


  • Breastfeeding support

  • Assisting with newborn care

  • Education and coaching

  • Emotional support

  • Meal preparation

  • Light housekeeping

  • Sibling adjustment

  • Stocking the nursery

  • Getting out of the house

  • Baby gear consultations

  • Resources and referrals




Why choose Prima Postpartum Services?

When you choose Prima Postpartum Services for your postpartum care, you will receive care that is tailored to your needs as a new mother. I bring a dual mother and family centered approach to postpartum support. I focus on the newborn mothers needs and work within the existing the family support network. When you choose me as your postpartum care provider you will receive:

  • Postpartum Planning sessions to help guide you in your new role
  • In-home Support for you as you recover from pregnancy and childbirth and adjust to parenting your new baby
  • Unlimited Phone & Email Support throughout your postpartum recovery
  • Hands on parenting classes before and after baby is born.


Types of Care

Hourly Care
: an extra pair of hands so you can focus on your baby. Each visit lasts 3 – 4 hours and is perfect for daytime, evening or weekend care – whatever is right for your family! Schedule your visits as a bundle for some awesome savings.

Overnight Care: get some sleep with peace of mind. Each overnight visit lasts 8 hours up to 5 nights per week. Schedule your overnight care anytime between the hours of 9 pm and 7 am

twins-1628843_1920Postpartum Planning:  1-2 hour meeting to map out all the details of your postpartum recovery – whether general or specific. We will work together to make sure that you are prepared for those curve balls before they come.

Parenting Education: 2-4 hour in home education for you and your support partner. Topics include but are not limited to breastfeeding troubleshooting, newborn care education, coping strategies, returning to work, strengthening relationships, postpartum mental wellness and more!



Planning Your Postpartum Care With The Prima Doula

onegraphicAfter you fill out a quick questionnaire, I’ll put together a free quote that details a plan on how you can greatest take advantage of my services. Your quote will feature specific steps you can take to get the support you need after giving birth.

twographicNext, we will schedule a consultation in the comfort of your home. You can ask me all of your important questions face to face and get to know me a little more. We will discuss your goals for parenting, the type of support you anticipate needing and how I can help you reach those goals.

threegraphicWhen you are ready to lock in my services you can secure your due date on my calendar by reading, signing and returning the Service Agreement along with the non- refundable Scheduling Fee.

fourgraphicBased on your needs and the support plan created at our consultation, you can decide whether you would like to contract hours all at once up front or contract hours on a week to week basis. Postpartum visits can be scheduled online or by contacting me by the Sunday evening of the week you will need support.



Prima Postpartum Services provides postpartum support services to the following areas in Maryland: Prince George’s County, Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Montgomery County, Charles County, Queen Anne’s County and Washington, D.C.