Baby Gear Consultations


shoes-505471_1920Discovering the world of babies and parenting can be like falling down a rabbit hole for sure. Thankfully, I geek out over things like double strollers, cloth diapers and creating cozy breastfeeding spaces.

Whether you are a mommy group or professional organization, I can educate you on the ins and outs of the tried and tested AND latest baby gear. Presentations are factual and address both evidence-based and anecdotal information.

041617_433-e1498079942195.jpgTopics include but are not limited to:

Baby Gear (strollers, etc.)

Baby Wearing

Diapering options (disposable and/or cloth diapers)

Breastfeeding basics and supplies

Postpartum prep

Bonding with baby

Relationships and sex after having a baby

Normal postpartum recovery (vaginal and cesarean birth)

What moms really need after giving birth

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