Welcome To MomCollege!

What would it mean for you to have a postpartum doula in your corner supporting you nurturing you and cheering you on?

So often, new moms tell me that they don’t have the support they need because its too expensive or because they can’t find a postpartum doula they trust nearby.

Meet MomCollege!

MomCollege is my 6 week virtual postpartum doula support program designed to feel just as good as having a postpartum doula come to your home each week.

MomCollege is an online postpartum group program designed to bring guidance, support and community into your postpartum recovery and motherhood journey.

Feel the embrace and support with 6 weekly group calls in a private Zoom room

Learn how to become a mother with postpartum focused lessons

Avoid the scroll and get with answers to your most pressing questions from a postpartum professional

  • The T.E.A. on postpartum
  • Being postpartum – the first year
  • Finding yourself again
  • Flows and routines
  • Your new body
  • Postpartum ceremonies, rituals and celebrations
  • Expectations vs reality

Who is this for?

I know that the usual timeframe for postpartum is 6 -8 weeks after birth. However, the new moms I talk to tend to want and need support well into the first year and sometimes beyond.

This program is for you if you:

  • have given birth in last 2 years. If it has been 2 -4 years since your last birth you might also find this program beneficial.
  • Need guidance and direction on your motherhood journey
  • Want to work with a postpartum doula but you have in home support
  • Wanting to find closure to your postpartum season

Become a Founding Mother

You are cordially invited to become a founding member or, Founding Mother, of MomCollege. When you join you will become a part of the first ever cohort plus you will have lifetime access to attend all MomCollege group calls. You will have the opportunity to really help to shape and curate the program to fit your needs and to make it amazing for the mothers who join in the future.

As a Founding Mother, I will really be counting on your presence and feedback to make sure that you are loving every part of the program.



Fully participate in the weekly groups

Provide feedback to improve the program

Starts May 18, 2023 at 11am EST

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