5 Steps To Reach Bliss After Birth

New motherhood certainly comes with its own unique set of challenges and emotions. If you are a first time mom, you might be searching for a deeper connection to your motherhood journey and wondering if postpartum bliss is even possible.

When it comes to postpartum, mom life and parenthood, perfection isn’t always possible.

But you can take action steps that will get you closer and closer to your dreams and desires as a new parent.

If you want to create a space that welcomes in bliss and joy, you have to be intentional with how you prepare yourself for pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Step 1: Make a vision board

The first step is to create a vision board to get all of your ideas, dreams and goals out of your head and onto paper or into some sort of visual format. You can create one big vision board to encompass your whole motherhood or parenthood journey or you can get more specific and create a pregnancy vision board, birth vision board and postpartum vision board. You can get even more detailed and create a vision board for things like feeding your baby, or postpartum nutrition. The beauty here is that there are no limits.

Step 2: Set goals that align with your values

The second step is to use your vision board to set some goals for yourself and to pay attention to your core values and how they are evolving. This will bring purpose and direction to your days and keep you focused on the things that will help you have the best postpartum recovery. Set 2-4 postpartum or parent centered goals for yourself and take some time to write down the weekly and daily steps that will get you closer and closer to those goals. Knowing your core values will ensure that your are taking steps that align with you and your vision.

Step 3: Put together your postpartum plan

The third step is to create your postpartum plan. But not just any plan, you need a strong in depth postpartum plan that addresses all of the layers of your after birth experience. When creating your postpartum plan, think about 3 main things:

Taking Care Of You

This means your basic needs, self care, expectations, nutrition, processing your birth and more. Your physical and mental health are crucial to your baby and your families overall health and wellness.

Taking Care Of Your Baby

This means your plan for infant feeding, sleeping, bonding with your baby and your plan handling newborn care on top of everything else. This is usually what most postpartum plans focus on but it is only one part of the journey.The success of baby heavily depends on the success of the parents.

Rallying Your Support Squad and Community

This means gathering your support squad, tapping into your local and online community resources and connecting with postpartum specialist that will enhance your recovery and support your journey. This also means practicing asking for help and accepting help.

Step 4: Get your mind, body and home ready

The fourth step is to start putting your postpartum plan to work by preparing your body, mind and home for parenthood and newborn life. This includes doing things like preparing freezer meals, scheduling out mental health appointments, setting up mom and baby stations throughout your home and so much more. Your postpartum plan will be the guide here.

Step 5: Embrace your postpartum season

The fifth step is to lean into your postpartum recovery. Knowing confidently that you have laid the foundation for a smooth transition into your new role as a parent. If you have taken the steps to prepare ahead of time with postpartum bliss in mind, you can allow yourself to be postpartum. You allow yourself to move through the recovery process and development stages that all new mothers go through. You allow yourself to face challenges head on with the support and resources of your community. And you allow yourself the space to embrace your evolution.