What Is Postpartum Bliss?

Are you searching for postpartum bliss?

Typically, we might hear about a newly betrothed couple enjoying marital bliss, or the excitement and newness of the honeymoon and newlywed days.
But when it comes to another major life transition, becoming a parent, that blissed-out feeling is a bit more elusive.
Things usually start out great. You share your pregnancy news with your inner circle and you can feel them rallying around you. Checking in on you and baby, creating your support squad, asking how they can help and celebrating!
But after baby is born, the realities of caring for yourself and a newborn take center stage. For the first couple of weeks, your circle is checking in and stopping by to help. But as the weeks turn into months, that blissful high you were riding starts to fizzle and fade.

How do we keep those feelings going?

Is it possible to create a postpartum experience and environment that encourages long lasting bliss?

The definition of postpartum bliss

When it comes to postpartum finding bliss means being completely content or happy with your postpartum journey and as a result, your baby, partner, family and well-being will naturally benefit.
So what does complete content and happiness look like in the rest and recovery season that comes after birth?
Can we create a postpartum paradise for ourselves? What exactly would a postpartum paradise look like for you?
Is this state of being even possible with all of the changes happening on so many different levels?
I think that postpartum bliss is totally possible. But it requires a bit of work.

Postpartum bliss looks different for each mother.

One new mother may look at having her mother and sisters super involved as her support circle as the perfect and joyful experience. Whereas another mother might say that the decision to hire a postpartum doula leads to bliss.
What does postpartum bliss look like?
There is no right or wrong definition here.
Only what works for you, your life and you parenting style.
But I do think that there is a baseline or a bare minimum for an overall positive experience.
Postpartum bliss to me does not equal perfection or things being easy.Bliss after birth is more about facing as little resistance as possible to your transformation into your new role. And when challenges or stressors do pop up, being ready to face them head on with a game plan and resources.

What postpartum bliss looks like

As a postpartum doula,  mom of 2 boys and someone who has worked with new mothers for over 15 years, I’ve talk to lots of moms in the earliest days, weeks and months of motherhood and experienced all different versions of parents and familys. But when I think about postpartum bliss, and the parents that blissfully enjoyed their journey there are some common themes.

Getting good sleep

8 hours in a 24 hour period is a good goal for a new parent. Sleep is crucial to postpartum healing and adjustment.

Eating well

A balanced diet of whole foods that are nutrient rich is a great baseline. There are tons of postpartum meal plans out there and they are super helpful but if that overwhelms you try sticking to wholesome foods and avoiding overly processed or fast food.

Communicating your needs unapologetically and guilt-free

Taking the time you need to care for yourself, makes you better for your baby and your family.

Accessing all of the classes, groups and community resources

Learning, socializing and going out and getting the support you need and want are all skills that help you level up.

Seeing healthy progress in your physical recovery

Pay attention to your physical recovery and don’t ignore problems or concerns.

Forming a strong bond with your baby

Understanding that babies all have their own attitudes and temperaments will really help you form a deeper bond with your baby. Let’s say your baby is more fussy and stand offish, instead of beating yourself up and blaming yourself, you keep trying new things and learning your baby and what they like.

Staying on track for your goals

You might not reach that goal of breastfeeding for 12 months, but you have support for when issues come up and you are taking thing 1 day at a time. 

Honoring your deepest values

You have created an after birth recovery experience that truly aligns with you. Even though everything is new, you are still staying true to who you are. 

Celebrating your maternal milestones

Honoring the maternal journey with celebrations and cultural traditions brings a a beautiful specialness and uniqueness to your experience. You can explore the cultural traditions of the mothers that came before you or embrace modern celebrations like a New Mother Blessing, postpartum belly binding or closing the bones ceremony. 

Got an idea of what your postpartum bliss looks like? Put it on your vision board!