2019 Holiday Gift Guide: For The New Parent Who Just Gave Birth or Will Give Birth Soon

If you are wondering what kind things to put on your holiday wishlist this year you are in the right place!

I’ve curated this 2019 Holiday Gift Guide specifically for the pregnant or new parent. This gift guide is for the mom-to-be who loves self-care, who loves unique but intentional gifts and who wants to truly prepare their mind and body for #momlife.

As always, I recommend you:




Why does buying locally or shopping with small business matter? When you shop with small business you are supporting actual individuals, parents and families that make up your community. You help to stimulate the growth of local and small business. And you also get even more connected with your local community aka your circle of support.


Here are some of my favorite creators, shops and small business for holiday gifts this year. All of these business are small business run by people just like you and me. Many are local to the Maryland/ DC metro area and many are black owned business.

One thing I know for sure is that these businesses and their owners are passionate about what they do and you can give the joy of that passion to all of the new parents you know this holiday season.


Lauren Turner aka Ren The Doula is Baltimore’s birth artist and when I say her work is gorgeous. Her work is gorgeous. She creates beautiful art with black birth, mothers and babies as the focus. You can buy her original canvases, prints, cards, stickers and more in her shop here.


Another Maryland based creative. @TheDudeMom has written her first book for new moms. She’s put together a list of must-dos for new parents.

“It’s a great book for expecting and new moms that goes beyond the basic baby book filled with tips for how to change a diaper and deal with colic. Sure, it has all that stuff too, but it’s kicked up a notch to include things you maybe don’t even know you need to know—like how to change a diaper while also eating a taco and dealing with colic without turning to booze.”

If this sounds like your cup of tea you can pre-order your copy here.


“Dwell Tea Co. is a modern, eco-friendly tea and lifestyle brand based in the Washington, DC area, created to merge our passions for tea, community, and holistic living.” If you are a tea lover like me this will be a great addition to your wishlist With flavors like Pretty Young Thing, Sweater Weather and Me Time you are sure to find a blend that warms you. They have some really lovely holiday gift sets as well. Check out what Dwell Tea Co. has to offer here.


If you are into tattoos and body art, be sure to add Pretty In Ink to your list of favorite shops. With a feminine flair, Pretty In Ink Tattoos, is the DC areas premier tattoo boutique. While a tattoo may have to wait until after you give birth and/ or wean, you can take advantage of some of the other services and products offered like henna art, handmade candles and sage bundles. Check out Pretty In Ink here.


I absolutely love affirmation cards and motivational decks. You may or may not be quite so woo-woo but affirmation cards and decks can really help you find guidance and focus on your journey through pregnancy and parenting. They can serve as a reminder to yourself to have grace and help you work through challenges. Some of my favorite decks are Renegade Mama’s Postpartum Affirmation Deck, Pregnancy Affirmation Deck and The Fourth Trimester Cards by Kimberly Ann Johnson.


Want to put the BEST. GIFT. EVER. on your wishlist? think about adding a session of postpartum doula care, a postnatal massage, or a postpartum glow session to your holiday wishlist. This is a great way for family and friends to help you try out doula services or get some much needed self care time after giving birth.

Now that you’ve got your wishlist down you can focus on the best part of the holidays. Giving and spending time with family.

If you like this Gift Guide For New Parents, stay tuned. Next time, I’ll be talking about how to happily thrive through the holidays when you’re pregnant or newly postpartum.

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