If you are an adult human being like me, I’m sure you love sleep to some extent. If you are also like me, you may be looking back at your 5 year old refusing to take a nap self with pity.

Maybe you aren’t like me and you relish running on adreniline and caffine. Either way, one this is certain. When you become a parent, sleep is essential.

One more thing is certain…

Your baby has no concerns about how much sleep you are or aren’t getting.

Nowadays we know that sleep, or lack thereof, can leave you functioning at a level well below your best. In the early newborn/ postpartum days this becomes even more clear.

Sleep is how your body recharges and recovers from the stressors and activities of the day.

When you are postpartum, you will be sleeping to recover from the strains of pregnancy on your body. You will be sleeping to recover from the intense process of labor and your baby being born.

Sleeping will allow your body to recharge after the intense mental task you have accomplished. Sleep helps you recharge after a day of being there emotionally and physically for your baby and your family.

Without adequate sleep, you are at a higher risk of postpartum mood disorders.

Your communication can break down and your relationships could suffer.

Without enough sleep and rest, your body might not have the best recovery possible, you could even slow down your recovery (especially if you have a cesarean or repair.)

Plan ahead for getting as much sleep as possible by considering things like:

  • Where will your baby sleep? In your room? In your bed? In their own room in a crib?
  • Who will help with night-time (between 8pm – 6am) parenting? Will it be a joint effort? Will one partner focus on feeding baby and the other on diapering and getting baby back to sleep?
  • Will you get up to breastfeed at night time? Or have your baby brought to you? Or pump during the day and have someone else feed the baby at night?
  • Will you need to hire additional help if you don’t have family nearby or are a single parent?

There is not right or wrong way to do things here. The best way for you is the plan you put together where your needs are met and you feel confident and supported.

Of course your baby’s needs are super important too! However, you can not adequately meet your baby’s needs if your needs aren’t met first.

Need help putting together a sleep plan for your new family? As a professional postpartum doula and all around mom advocate, I am happy to help you create a sleep plan or postpartum plan that fits your needs. Let’s chat today! 24-353-7062