happyjulyHappy July Everyone!

It’s the middle of July and I have been enjoying both the hot and stormy weather. Between the crab feasts and my birthday festivities, July is definitely my going out month. I love the happy vibes of summer!

This month I will be exploring the different birth options available to new moms in Prince George’s County and more specifically Bowie, MD. Hospitals midwives and a free standing birth center are all local to the Bowie area but are they providing Baby Friendly Care? I will explore each option and how baby and mother friendly they are. Check back to see my report!

The Prima Doula also welcomed TWO new mamas to the family! I am so proud to be providing newborn mothers with support to meet their specific needs. Interesting in exploring your own postpartum needs? Contact me today!

Upcoming Events:

August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month. A time to raise awareness about the importance of and how to overcome the barriers to breastfeeding.

August 1-7 is World Breastfeeding Week with this years theme of “Let’s Make it Work!”

August 25-31st is Black Breastfeeding Week with this year’s theme of “Lift Every Baby!” #BBW2015

I am so excited to be volunteering in my community to increase knowledge about these two very important causes. I will also be bringing a new goodie to the Uppie Supply Co. shop so stay tuned for updates!

Share your ideas on how to increase  breastfeeding awareness on a local level in the comments!

Talk to you soon!