karlonselfsacrificeHey There Mama,

How are you doing today? No. REALLY… How are you doing today?  I’m sure you here that questions many times as you navigate the newborn days and months. But how do you respond? Do you say things are good and that you are enjoying motherhood minus the sleepless night? Are you really good or are you hiding how you really feel for fear of backlash?

Well I’m here to tell you to LET IT ALL OUT MAMA!  Share the up and downs of learning to be a mother. If your having a bad day, say it and don’t be afraid to ask for a little support. You don’t have to be super woman. You don’t have to sacrifice yourself to spare others feelings. In fact, I think its better that you don’t. Maybe you can open someones eye’s to the realities of motherhood BEFORE they are in the trenches.

Its time to let go of the “I can do it all” attitudes surrounding motherhood. For our own sakes and for the sake of our children who will one day become parents. If you have to do it all how can you learn to be all that your baby needs you to be. How can you nourish and fill your baby with love if you aren’t doing the same for yourself? How can you model that your child should care about themselves if you do the same for yourself?

Don’t sacrifice yourself for your baby because you will only be hurting both of you. Instead, embrace the pain and the struggles. Breath through them, learn from them, grow because of them. But also embrace the triumphs and joy. Relish in the peaceful, calm moments. Take time to reflect and take time to nourish yourself. Even if it something as small as taking a quick walk outside to reconnect with nature.

Motherhood is not a war or a competition, but there is a war on mothers. The mommy wars are real and as long as we continue to judge others and martyr ourselves it will be a losing battle and we ALL will lose.

So stop trying to be superwoman or supermom. Just be super YOU, because your already pretty super just the way you are.