One of the easiest ways to support and enhance your breastfeeding experience is to keep the oxytocin flowing. Create a cozy, comfy space in your home designated for nursing. I like to call mine the nursing nook. Make sure you pick a location that you won’t mind spending 7-9 hours of your day in for the next 6 months.


1. Seating – you’ll need the seating of your choice keeping in mind that it will need to encourage good posture to support you while nursing. Rocking chairs, armchairs, sofa and couches are all good options. A footstool or something that mom can prop her feet up on will really support optimal posture while breastfeeding.

2. Pillows – Nursing pillows are very popular and convenient. There are different designs available that are shaped specifically to make supporting baby or babies while nursing without putting strain on moms neck, back and arms. However, a nursing pillow isn’t absolutely necessary. 3 or 4 “bed” pillows that can be folded, smooshed and washed (pee, poop, puke happens a lot) can do the trick to help lift  and support baby at the breast . You might also find you want an extra pillow there to support your knees or arms.

3. End Table – Something with more than 1 shelf will work best but if 1 shelf is all you have available then 1 shelf is all you need. This is where you will keep books/magazines/ iPad/iPhone/ the remote/ your choice of entertainment. After days spent staring at your tiny offspring in amazement you will eventually need some entertainment to keep you away.

4. Baby Log – You might want to use an app or you can use a clock, timer and physical log (or both), but it is a great idea to start and keep a log of your baby’s feedings and wet or soiled diapers. This log can be as detailed or general as you like but some basics to keep track of are start and end time of each feeding on each breast, and how many wet and soiled diapers your baby has each day. This can help to reassure a new mom that her baby is feeding enough and can help a pediatrician, midwife or lactation consultant  should any issue arise.

5. Supplies and Snack–  bottled water, baby-safe hand sanitizer, nursing pads (cloth or disposable), coconut oil or nipple cream , cloth diapers/burp cloths and paper towels are all good items to stock your nursing nook. A sectioned basket can wrangle all of these items without easily becoming disorganized. Diapers and wipes may or may not be stored here as well. Don’t forget your non-perishable snacks such as nuts and dried fruit in stock.

Tip: Keep your breastfeeding routine flexible by keeping all of your supplies in a basket, box or caddy that can be moved if needed.

Although breastfeeding is proven to be natural and optimal for newborn mothers and babies, it  can certainly come with lots of challenges. By creating a routine that works for you, you can increase your chances of success.